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Are you a sporty person with teaching skills? We have posts on the sports/social side of the Course.

An Outline Description of the Work – Sports/Social Organiser (These posts have been filled for 2024)

Vacational Studies Courses have run for 50 years. Most students come to us on recommendation from parents whose children have already been with us or who are the children of children who were with us in the '70s, '80s and '90s. We are Accredited by the British Council and are members of English UK. We have high standards of professionalism and expect the same from staff. Our reputation is of the greatest importance. Parents are confident that their children will have a developmental summer, socially and linguistically.  Our Statement on Vacational Studies' Goals and Values is here.

The students

There are four Sports and Social Organisers (SSO) – one for each 'House' – who, in consultation with the Course Manager, arrange a varied programme of activities including those mentioned in the Course description under the headings 'Sports' and 'Social Activities'. A Senior SSO will be in overall charge. Helping the Sports/Social Organisers are Assistant Sports/Social Organisers (undergraduates and often returning ex-UK Reps and students). Prefects will also help with the sports/social activities. Everyone is allocated to a 'House'. 'Houses' are teams named after schools Vacational Studies has used and have no physical existence.

A selection of activities is provided so that the majority of students are involved.

The Sports/Social Organiser must encourage involvement and be receptive to the ideas of other staff members. He/she should retain the successful events that traditionally take place and also be able to introduce new activities.

An Inter-House Sports Day is held towards the end of the Course.

Food and Accommodation

Board and accommodation decided by prior discussion.

Additional Activities

Staff accompany excursions and shopping trips on a rota basis. All staff assume the normal pastoral and safeguarding responsibilities that are part of boarding school life.


All staff have 1 duty day + 2 x ½ day duties each week, or the equivalent. The 'Duty Day' is described in the 'Notes for Staff'.  There are also two completely free 24-hour days during the course – any day except a Sunday.

Collection and Return Service

Some staff meet students at Heathrow on the first day and check them in when they return. Some staff will accompany students to Heathrow at the end of the course and may depart from there.

Dates, Duration and Pay

We offer employment for a period of four weeks. Arrival is 10.00 on 6 July and departure is 15.00 on 3 August. Pay is £2400.00 (two thousand four hundred pounds) for the duration of the employment. Pay for the Senior SSO is £2900.00 (two thousand nine hundred pounds). For returning staff, there is a 10% addition in the second summer and a 15% addition in a third and subsequent summer. Payment is by bank transfer at the end of the course. If they wish, staff can be paid a 25% advance at the end of the first week, to be deducted from the final balance. As employment is temporary, if you affirm that the following is correct - 'this is my first job IN THE UK since 6 April 2024 and I have not been receiving taxable Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, taxable Incapacity Benefit, State or Occupational Pension', we are not required to deduct PAYE from staff at source. NI is deducted at the prevailing rate.

Weekly hours of work will vary as per your rota, usually between 35 and 38. If you find you are likely to work more than this, please see us and we shall arrange to adjust your hours or offer time-off in lieu or additional salary.

Suitability and Qualifications

The ideal applicant will be a person with an interest and ability in sport. He or she will be a good organiser of children and adults; innovative; resourceful as to ideas; outgoing; spontaneous; hard-working – able to create a team from the non-teaching staff and to motivate and direct the teaching staff. Experience in a residential situation is advantageous and, ideally, applicants will have worked with the 10-18+ age-range. An interest in participating in the corporate life of the course is essential. If this appeals, please complete the application form.

If your application is of interest, we shall contact your referees and, if these are satisfactory, we shall invite you for interview. This may be via Skype. If appointed, your acceptance of an offered post assumes the acceptance of the contents of the information on this page, the 'Notes for Staff' and the contract of employment.

Safer Recruitment

We are committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for everyone. We prioritise and adhere to safer recruitment practices. This involves running an enhanced DBS background check on all staff, checking the ‘barring list’, requesting proof of qualifications (if required for the role), and a minimum of two references per staff member. All staff are required to provide a CV and complete the application form before any employment offer.

Before arrival, staff complete an online Safeguarding/’Prevent’ course. On arrival, all staff are required to sign a declaration that they are not unfit to be working with children and young people aged 10-18+. 

Our Safeguarding Policy can be found here. Safeguarding is a priority for us. Designated Safeguarding Leads will re-enforce training and safeguarding values throughout the Course.

All staff must provide a copy of their ‘Right to Work’ in the UK before an offer of employment is made and bring their original documents to be verified on the first day of employment.

In the above ways, we aim to safeguard the well-being of our community and maintain the highest standards of integrity in our recruitment process.

The EU Working Hours Regulations 1998 Opt-Out Agreement

As this is a boarding school and hours are irregular, if they wish, staff are asked to sign this document. It is also in the Contract.

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