Jobs at Vacational Studies.

The staff we are looking for will have experience with the 10-18+ age-range in residential situations. We rely on the excellence of our staff to preserve our reputation and expect all staff to be reliable, adaptable, rational, able to work collaboratively and to form part of a team.

A Summer School moves at a fast pace, so staff have to be well-adjusted and self-confident while at the same time happy to be part of a team. An involvement in the extra-curricular programme is voluntary for teachers and expected for all other staff. We look for staff who are willing to assume the pastoral responsibilities that are part of boarding school life and take an active interest in children's welfare.

We aim to give our students days they will remember all their lives. To this end, we provide them with a safe and secure environment and stimulating activities. Staff are expected to wish to contribute to this.

As there is responsibility for and substantial access to children, we take up references and, in particular, ask about suitability to work with under-18s and if there have been any disciplinary issues. We may also contact a current employer. We conduct enhanced DBS checks. Proof of qualifications is required – as is an explanation for any gaps in CVs.

A copy of the standard Contract of Employment for all staff is here.

On arrival, all staff are required to sign a declaration that they are not unfit to be working with children and young people aged 10-18.

Returning staff may also be asked to supply a recent reference.

In selection and recruitment, we 

  1. are fair and consistent
  2. do not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation and we
  3. comply with regulations and best practice

Interviewing Policy

Staff are interviewed via Zoom or Skype by Ian Mucklejohn and Paddy Douglass, the directors.

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