International English Language Summer School in England for students age 10-13 and 13-19… since 1973

Residential English Language Summer camp program. Boarding School & English Language Courses for foreign students with activities in the summer holiday

Sunday 12 July – Sunday 9 August 2015 (4 weeks) – £3900

‘Lite’ Programme: any weeks between 12 July and 9 August 2015 £2000; any weeks £3000

Learn English with fun activities and sports at Vacational Studies, our English Language Summer School, on our beautiful countryside campus in Newbury, Berkshire, UK – The Mary Hare School. Our English Language Summer School has been running for over 40 years and provides a great combination of holiday, study and personal development.

We are a residential English Language Summer School Accredited by The British Council – offering English summer vacation courses in the UK with 42 years’ experience teaching children, teenagers and young people. We provide a friendly, safe and easy way for students to study English skills in Britain in the country.  Why invest in a Vacational Studies English Language Summer Course?  My rationale is in my voiceover and do take a look at the first paragraph of IGM’s page

  • International residential Summer Language Courses in England with native English speakers
    English Summer School

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  • Task-based teaching using English as a real-life working language
  • Child Visitor Visa support, if needed
  • All new students at our English Language Summer School are selected with teacher’s recommendation letter
  • A fun English Language Summer Camp every summer holiday since 1973
  • English Language Sports and Activities Summer School in UK for young learners
  • Many students are the children of children Vacational Studies had in the ’70s and ’80s
  • 5 ‘Points of Excellence’ in the latest British Council Accreditation inspection
  • Parental comment: ‘He has made very big advances in his English skills, and we can see this in his daily school work here in the Faroes. The advances are exceeding anything that we even dreamt of.  But the most important thing that we want to mention is the fact that he has grown as a person. He was only 13 when attending, but he managed these challenges very well.  He has taken with him the experience from the tour and the stay at Mary Hare. He has a network with friends from all over the world. This can only be good in the future. He is very keen on returning to Mary Hare this coming summer.’

Experience this and much more with Vacational Studies on our English Summer School and our English Language Summer Courses.

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