Summer English Language School 2016

10-18 years

Days I’ll remember all my life™
  • Side of Mary Hare School
  • Amalie and Adriana in class
  • Group at Stonehenge
  • School photo
  • School photo in fields
  • Front of Mary Hare School
  • Gustav and Arianne in class
  • Cedrick in London
  • Rutger highjumping
  • Back of Mary Hare School
  • Slip and slide
  • Emma and Alex at Christmas
  • Isabelle, Emma and Alyaa covered in paint
  • Zumba practice
  • Cheam in line

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Residential English Language Summer camp programme.
Boarding School & English Language Courses for foreign students
with activities in the summer holiday.

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What students and parents say about us

I totally agree to the approach you are giving to the course: getting an opportunity to grow up becoming a real world citizen. It has always been part of your courses, but know the approach has become more defined and a real target. Thanks a lot from all of us.

Francesca Del Vecchio from Italy
Former student and mother of students

I realize how VacStuds influenced me at such an early age making me become the person I am today. I'll always be grateful for those years. Hope you keep bringing joy to all those students for many more years. Thanks.

Hector Fabregas from Spain
Former student

He had a splendid time at Mary Hare for which we would like to thank you very much, you and all the staff. I'm sure he has greatly improved his English. He's asking for coming back next year!

Isabelle de Gourcuff from France
Mother of student

I want to say thank you for everything! Thank you for giving me the possibility to experience an even better summer then I had last year! Thank you for giving me the possibility to see all the People again that went so important to my heart! Thank you for giving me the possibility to be only myself!

Jasper Stauf from Germany

I can't stop thinking about this amazing month. Thank you all for the best month of the year and probably the best month of my life.

Joost Sluijmer from The Netherlands

I couldn't stop thinking about this great month full of great experiences and a lot of self-development. And I´m convinced I´ll remember these days all my life.

Julius Hagen from Germany
Former student

I am now the exact person I was wishing to be when I first came to Mary Hare - not only I have improved my English, but also I made so many good friends. I'm not the only one that can see how much I have developed.

Karolina Kurzyńska from Poland

Reviewing the exciting time of this summer with my daughters and remembering with the pictures and names (5 summers as student and 2 as SH in Elstree and Cheam) many years in VS shows how everything was and it is really unique. The years go by, but not the emotions! I believe that this attention to detail, to the memories and emotions is a further demonstration of professionalism and high quality. Congratulations.

Laurent Févè from France
Former student and father of student

If I am today what I am it is because you gave me the taste of friendship, sharing it with young well minded fellows from all over the world. Thank you for everything.

Leonardo Cerchiai from Italy
Former student, staff helper and father of students

It was the greatest experience of my life and I already miss it so much. Thank you for making us feel at home and for the kindness of everyone there.

Maria Abdel Malak from Lebanon

First, I would like to thank you and the entire Vacational Studies staff for giving my daughter the most wonderful summer experience. I could have never predicted how much fun she would have and how happy she would be in camp, she actually didn't either! Your summer camp is truly amazing and besides being impressed by your leadership and organizational skills, your communication with the families is truly inspirational and being able to see the everyday of my daughter really helped fighting the sadness of having her away. She left Monaco as a shy girl and became a little lady full of confidence within a month.

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia from Monaco
Mother of Student

Again you delivered wonderful experience to my daughter. She went back home very, very excited about what happened on Vacstuds. She is also much more self-confident using English knowledge. Your promise: “Days I’ll remember all my live” is true. Congratulations.

Mateusz Prętki from Poland
Father of students

Summer paradise! Thanks everyone for this fabulous year! Thanks VacStuds for amazing emotions!

Sofia Chukanova from Russia

This being my seventh year here, I can definitely say that I’ve grown up in Vacstuds. Vacational Studies has not only given me the opportunity of improving my English, but also of improving my social skills and making great memories I’ll never forget! Now I just want to give Vacstuds back what it has given to me, and so I’m trying.

Tanya Fernandez Fernandez from Spain
Former student and staff member

We, as parents, we want to thank you and through you to the entire staff of the school for our daughter. I must admit that it is not only significant progress in the knowledge of the English language, but also became a totally different child. In the best sense of the word. She received her new skills in communication, adaptation. Much more responsible. We believe that it is your great teacher management, for which we thank you!

Tatyana Ivanova from Latvia
Mother of student

The experience was irreplaceable and my gratitude grows stronger each time, not just in terms of the enjoyment but in how it has helped to develop me.

Tom Dell from the UK
Former student and staff member

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for my son Joan Ribas over the past 3 years. All the students from Ibiza desire to return to VacStuds and this, of course, is the greatest advertisement for the school.

Vicente Ribas from Ibiza
Father of former student